Improving Pakistan’s Global Image

  1. Opening of Cultural institutes: Pakistan needs to open cultural institutes like German Goethe Institute, Chinese Confucius Institutes, and French Alliance Francaise in important countries where they can offer individuals the chance to learn Pakistan’s languages, attend cultural events, movie showings, and cooking classes, etc
  2. Virtual Museums: Besides upgrading our few national museums, there is a need to make them virtually accessible online. They should not only be a repository of our rich cultural treasures but also seek artifacts from all over the world, catering to an international audience.
  3. Encouraging Sports Culture: Sports are an excellent medium for projecting the soft image of a country by taking part in sports events abroad as well as holding such events domestically. It is really unfortunate that slowly and gradually Pakistan has lost its pre-eminence in hockey and squash while snooker is just struggling, the only game for which we are recognised in the world is cricket. Pakistan has done well in developing a skiing culture, attracting a large number of skiers
  4. Promoting Tourism: Another field in which Pakistan has started well is the promotion of tourism; in fact, it is tourism that is playing a significant role in creating its soft image of Pakistan as a sport and fun-loving country. Pakistan is an attractive destination for religious tourism for Buddhists and Sikhs.
  5. Films and Dramas: Lastly, it is the films and dramas which play the most significant part in promoting the soft image of a country. Leave the USA and the European countries; look at the way the Indian monies and the Turkish dramas are creating larger-than-life roles for their respective countries all over the world. Or the way Japan has used anime to promote itself throughout the world



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Shahid Hussain Raja

Shahid Hussain Raja

Retired Federal Secretary, Government of Pakistan/Author/Independent Consultant- Public Policy & Governance Reforms